E-commerce Marketing Solution
In an era of big data, diversification, flexibility and efficiency are cornerstones of cross boarder marketing
Our overseas engagement relies not only on overseas social media and search engines,
 but also on E-commerce advertising ecosystems like Amazon.
 A vital channel through which Chinese brands enter overseas markets.
Creating A “People-first” Cross-device, Targeted User Experience
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Why SparkX?
Custom Marketing 

To maximize the effectiveness of our marketing we customize strategies at each stage of a brand’s development. Ad channels and budgets are optimized to achieve the greatest reach.

Established Operating Systems

Xplatform, our inhouse intelligent advertising platform, integrates a number of Amazon’s advertising channels including: Amazon DSP, SP and SD. This system boosts efficiency, transparency and allows free management of advertising accounts, improving labor efficiency, and streamlining operations.

A Professional Advertising Optimization Team

Our experienced ad optimization team has helped thousands of enterprises manage and operate ad accounts, monitor delivery outcomes and adjust delivery strategies in a real time fashion. The delivery results of each marketing link are presented to clients through visual data reports.